Innovation is part of our DNA

Fon’s vision is to be ‘always on, always on the move’. That’s why Fon never stops coming up with innovative solutions to continue building the path towards a connected future!

Leading WiFi innovation

We know WiFi is a long-term technology, which is why we do everything possible to be on top of trends and in touch with the future. By forecasting and developing new WiFi technologies today, we adapt our devices for tomorrow.

A Gramofon, a product named "Best WiFi Innovation Service" at the 2014 WiFi industry awards.


Driven by the needs of the WiFi age we are living in, our latest breakthroughs make WiFi more efficient and useful for people’s daily lives.

Gramofon, the awarded WiFi music player, is an example of our determination: it brings classic sound systems back into the living room and makes listening to music at home a collaborative experience to enjoy rather than an individual activity.

Smartphones and tablets “speak” to any speaker: they act as remote controls making WiFi become the “language” that brings everyone together.

Our commitment to R&D

Since 2012, Fon Labs has contributed to Fon’s technological development by introducing several innovations, including the prediction of new technology trends and changes and the participation in main WiFi standards organisations.