COSMOTE enjoys a boost in NPS and customer acquisition

COSMOTE uses WiFi to improve its brand image

COSMOTE is the commercial brand of OTE Group, the largest telecommunications provider in Greece. Together with its subsidiaries, it is one of the leading telecommunications groups in Southeastern Europe. Following competitive analysis, they realised that they needed to opt for a strategy that would help change the public perception of their brand.


COSMOTE decided to focus on delivering WiFi services in order to:

Meet increased connectivity demands of customers

Gain market share

Deliver future capacity for the explosion of traffic expected

The project

Customers that choose to sign-up for the service are offered a free connectivity app. It seamlessly connects them to WiFi outside the home. In return for sharing a bit of their broadband capacity with other users, they can enjoy unlimited WiFi connectivity on the go.

19 point increase in NPS

80% of users think COSMOTE is modern and innovative thanks to the service

60% of competitors clients are considering changing to OTE

Reap the benefits of WiFi with our innovative technology

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