We connect you to the largest WiFi network


Today, we have more than 20 million WiFi hotspots worldwide – giving users simple, secure WiFi wherever they need it. As pioneers of community WiFi, it all started with a simple idea: if users shared a bit of WiFi at home, they could connect for free to others who do the same. Now, we aggregate all types of hotspots from carriers and WiFi service providers.

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Fon is the number one carrier WiFi aggregator

We have been working with leading telcos to build the world’s largest community WiFi network. Together, we convert residential routers into millions of hotspots.

Our network has expanded to offer WiFi access in many prime locations worldwide

We’ve significantly increased our global WiFi footprint beyond residential areas, by aggregating many WiFi networks with hotspots in prime locations such as airports, hotels, convention centers, shopping malls, train stations, and restaurants. This means end-users can remain connected wherever in the world they are.

We have more than 20,000,000 hotspots around the world!

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Get WiFi access to our network

Here’s how

Telco WiFi access

Telco WiFi access

Telco WiFi access


Telcos can increase revenue while improving their customer value proposition with Fon roaming. Through just one integration with Fon, telcos gain access to millions of WiFi hotspots to be able to deliver a world class, international roaming experience to their customers.

Wholesale WiFi access

Wholesale WiFi access

Wholesale WiFi access


Businesses small and large can use WiFi to enhance their product experience or increase the usage of their services. Wholesale agreements allow third parties to get seamless connectivity to Fon’s global WiFi network.

Consumer WiFi access

Consumer WiFi access

Consumer WiFi access


Stay connected with Fon hotspots wherever you go – walking down the street, having a coffee, or browsing around a shop. We offer plenty of ways to get WiFi on the go: by purchasing an hourly or daily WiFi access pass, downloading the Fon WiFi app, or by subscribing with one of our international telco partners.

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Connect your network

Plug in your existing network to the world’s largest carrier WiFi network

Fon helps monetise WiFi service providers’ networks. There are currently more than 300 million potential Fon WiFi users worldwide thanks to our partnerships with telcos. By connecting your network to our footprint, we will make your hotspots available to our telco’s end users. With our global presence, we can help drive usage to your network everywhere.


International WiFi providers are already part of the Fon network, including Eurona, responsible for providing access in all airports across Spain, and Guglielmo, a company that provides WiFi access in post offices, convention centres, and shops across Italy.

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