Get WiFi access for your customers

Customers want WiFi – anytime, anywhere. Why not be the one to give it to them?
WiFi helps businesses enhance their product experience and increase the usage of their services. Use our WiFi network as a strategic tool to boost customer acquisition, satisfaction, and engagement.
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Millions of hotspots, 5 continents, 1 global network

We are always finding innovative ways to expand our network, and now connect more than 20 leading telcos, creating a combined customer base of over 300 million potential WiFi users. Fon’s coverage never stops growing!

WiFi for every business model

If you’re ready to start incorporating WiFi into your strategy, we are here to help! We provide access to the world’s largest WiFi network, so that your business can deliver connectivity right to your end customers.

A one-time integration with Fon will provide global access to millions of international hotspots and users

For communications companies who want to extend their coverage or improve accessibility, we have developed access solutions to our global WiFi network. Fon is a member of the WiFi Alliance and offers the best user experience possible by using the latest technology protocols defined by the industry.

Companies like Microsoft Skype use Fon WiFi at select locations

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For device manufacturers and app developers that want to provide relevant updates and additional functionality, such as saving on their data plan, we offer simple, automatic connection to our global network. Connection is activated whenever they are near one of our hotspots.

Nintendo has worked with Fon to provide connectivity to its Nintendo 3DS product in selected locations



Fon guarantees seamless, unparalleled access to our WiFi network through our SDK. If you already have your own app, you can build the functions of our connection manager into your existing app thanks to our SDK.


  • Device management with seamless connectivity
  • SSID detection
  • WISPr and EAP authentication
  • Android/iOS compatibility
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Give WiFi access and engage your customers through promo codes

For many companies, internet access is essential to enable their services. Fon offers these enterprises the possibility to purchase promo codes that users can redeem directly at one of our hotspots to connect to WiFi.

Promo codes are a great way to engage your customers. We have options for every kind of user, including 1-hour, 1-day, 5-day, and 30-day access. Tailor the promo code experience directly to your business model – the conditions are totally customisable and chosen by you, including promo code duration, eligible locations, method of distribution, and more.

Airbnb has used Fon promo codes to engage potential new customers

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Connection Manager

Your customers will experience hassle-free access to the Fon network through our connection manager app. Additionally, you will gain insights into usage behaviour through the connection manager’s tracking and reporting tools.


  • Device management with seamless connectivity
  • Hotspot finder
  • SSID detection
  • WISPr and EAP authentication
  • Android/iOS compatibility

Engage your customers with WiFi access