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WiFi routers and Access Points

We have been developing devices for the last decade, adapting technology to new use cases and business requirements, at the time, providing state of the art capabilities and customized designs. We own a fast design and implementation process to ensure the time to market for all our projects. We can ensure success for all your designs with a robust and flexible cloud integration model.


Fon provides a multiple variety of customized IoT devices developments. We develop firmware across a wide range of processor platforms for different IoT applications, as well as the integration across diferente IoT platform and applications.

For the immediate recognition and registering of new devices by the network.

Simplify provisioning and activation and apply device profiling setup.

Allow Operators to define device groups based on criteria and choose profiles to apply to each group.

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Our vast connectivity experience based on Wireless technologies makes us the right partner to build your devices to support the next generation of IoT applications.

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