Fon enables global WiFi roaming

The rapid growth of data consumption from any type of device, both locally and abroad, continues to highlight the need for WiFi networks as a way to improve global coverage and capacity.

Fon manages the world’s largest WiFi network of telco hotspots and premium networks, with tens of millions of WiFi hotspots in over 50 countries.

Connect your customers across the globe with WiFi roaming

Consumers are constantly looking for cost-effective ways to stay connected overseas. Fon Roaming helps solve that problem.


If you are a MNO, MVNO, or fixed operator, set yourself apart by keeping your customers connected when they travel around the world.

Connect your network to increase your revenue

Become part of the world’s largest WiFi network, made up of millions of our partners’ subscribers and a potential customer base of over 300 million WiFi users.


Join our all-star team of telcos to monetize your network, with just a one-time integration.

Driven by telcos, trusted by industry leaders

Fon manages the most widely-used WiFi roaming hub thanks to our community WiFi network. Over 20 major telcos trust us to provide a world-class roaming service. Millions of their customers connect for free to WiFi everyday, both locally and internationally when travelling abroad. WiFi roaming has been an essential element of Fon from the very start, and we will continue to make global roaming a simple experience.

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Learn more about how you can provide global WiFi access to your customers

The heavy lifting is on us

Fon handles all commercial and technical aspects so you don’t have to worry about any of the details. Our data roaming package includes Fon-managed services such as interconnection, data clearing, and invoicing.

Fon Roaming service: Benefits

Our comprehensive roaming service is a simple, secure way to deliver, manage, and monitor your WiFi roaming operations. Here’s how you can benefit:

Stay ahead of the competition by providing a robust WiFi roaming offer to your customers. It decreases roaming cost by using a cost-effective alternative to cellular data

Increase WiFi return on investment by offering seamless access to Fon telco partners’ end users

Improve speed-to-market with a proven and low cost solution. One single integration gives access to the whole Fon global footprint

Analyze and track the performance of your roaming network and the usage of your WiFi customers on other networks

fon roaming hub
fon roaming hub architecture

Fon Hub

The Fon Hub allows you to integrate with the world’s largest WiFi network in a simple and secure way, and provides you with the resources to easily monitor usage.

It processes all the operations that occur between its users, providing settlement and reporting data with total transparency to offer detailed information about your inbound and outbound WiFi traffic.

Unique reporting and analytics features

Get access to detailed reports, analytics, and usage through Fon Insights – secure online access, available 24/7.

Roaming tracking information

Detailed visibility on roaming relationships: inbound and outbound traffic, roaming arrangements, and contract conditions and rates for each agreement

Detailed reporting

Automatically generated and distributed. These reports include the roaming details of the inbound and outbound usage per network

Automatic invoicing

Available via web portal, email, or FTP

Online dynamic analytics

Dashboard with querying capabilities that graphically depicts inbound and outbound usage

fon roaming invoicing

Up-to-date industry standards

All services provided by the Fon Hub are compliant with the Wireless Broadband Alliance WRIX standards.

Interconnection (WRIX-i)

Partners can select which networks they want to connect with via Fon. Fon is able to activate new roaming partners at any time, and manages those partners on behalf of the customer

Data clearing (WRIX-d)

Usage rating and reporting service. Each session is rated according to the commercial conditions agreed upon between the operators

Financial Settlement (WRIX-f)

Financial clearing includes invoicing, reconciliation, dispute management, payments, foreign exchange, and follow-up on receivables


Centralised record collection

Interconnection (WRIX-i) - activate a specific subset of roaming partners

Data clearing (WRIX-d) - usage rating and reporting service

Financial settlement (WRIX-f) - invoicing, reconciliation, and dispute resolution

24x7 monitoring

How do your customers get access?

Fon guarantees seamless, unparalleled access to our WiFi network through our SDK. If you already have your own app, you can build the functions of our connection manager into your existing app thanks to our SDK.


  • Device management with seamless connectivity
  • SSID detection
  • WISPr and EAP authentication
  • Android/iOS compatibility
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Troubleshooting and monitoring

We are committed to providing the customer support that carriers need.

24/7 help desk

Dedicated specialised team

Email and phone support

Visit Fontech if you’re an operator or enterprise and want to use our technology to operate WiFi networks