Manage and monitor your WiFi traffic

with Fon Network Insights

We’re here to help you

Our aim is to give you total transparency and control over your inbound and outbound WiFi traffic. To achieve this, we offer you a simple and secure way to manage and monitor your WiFi usage and operations with us.

A market-leading reporting tool, and much more


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View and download detailed, dynamic usage reports

Reports are available for both inbound and outbound WiFi traffic and can be generated manually or sent to you automatically. You’ll also have access to a graphic dashboard with querying capabilities.

Automatic and comprehensive invoicing and financial settlement

Our financial services are totally compliant with WRIX WiFi Roaming Standards and all related documentation is made available for you online, via email, or FTP.

Upload and download detailed hotspot information


Track your roaming agreements

You’ll have detailed visibility of your roaming relationships and contract conditions.

Secure, online access available 24/7


Intuitive interface, with on-hand support team


Rest assured, you’re in safe hands

We’re compliant with the latest WRIX WiFi Roaming standards. These are a set of standards defined by the Wireless Broadband Alliance, designed to facilitate commercial WiFi connectivity between operators.

Data clearing (WRIX-d)

Financial settlement (WRIX-f)

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