Connect to our global WiFi network

through the Fon Hub

Our Hub integrates a growing network of millions of hotspots across the world

Whether you’re looking for access to over 21 million hotspots worldwide, or want to monetize your own WiFi network, the Fon Hub caters to all of your needs.

Over 21 million hotspots in 17 countries

Over 300 airports in 24 countries

Over 22 thousand hotels in 72 countries

Over 2 million premium hotspots in 31 countries

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Security at the core

User credentials are always secured

WiFi connections are established based on HTTPS with encoded communication and Fon also establishes tunnels (IPSec) for data to safely cross the Internet.

Fon connectivity tools are always secured

The combination of WiFi signal (SSID) and captive portal is double checked, to prevent devices from connecting to rogue hotspots.

Fon community network is always secured

All routers in our network are Fon-certified. In addition, double isolation is in place, to separate public and private sub-networks, as well as the isolation of WiFi users who are connected to the same public signal. We also insist on second phase authentication using temporary credentials.

Additional security options available

We can provide an optional Virtual Private Network (or VPN) to encrypt the entire, end-to-end Internet connection.

Our dedicated Hub already facilitates WiFi access between over 40 partner networks

Rest assured, you’re in safe hands

We’re compliant with the latest WRIX WiFi Roaming standards. These are a set of standards defined by the Wireless Broadband Alliance, designed to facilitate commercial WiFi connectivity
between operators.

Interconnection (WRIX-i)

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